Organized Crime

A near endless series of international borders, and a close proximity to the [[t-bird]] smuggling routes of the Rockies, has turned Denver into a land of endles criminal opportunity. Of course, that sort of opportunity breeds greed. Greed breeds competition. When dealing with the criminal underworld, that sort of competition can reach new heights (and depths). ‘Runners who need to work in this environment do better if they know both the players and the scores.

The DFW-based Chavez and the Denver-based Casquilho mafia families have their strongest foothold in the CAS and UCAS sectors. In the UCAS Sector, the Casquilho run a series of gambling dens and brothels through the Aurora Warrens. In PCC Sector, the Chavez family operates a massive casino at the Lakeside Amusement Park. Both families have several brothels loacted through out the CAS Sector. While the Casquilho once ran an extensive CalHot smuggling racket out of their Casquilho Imports front, that location seems to have gone legit. It currently specializes in ancient artifacts of questionable magical power.

Oyabun Kasigi Toda holds the reins of the Yamato Yakuza clan. While his empire was once based on information brokerage, an awkward encounter with the Denver Data Haven abruptly terminated that practice. Now, they control the FRFZ narcotics and [[BTL] trade and compete with the mafia for the UCAS and CAS prostituion business. Over the past few years, the Yamato have been direct competition with shadowrunners for sabotage and assassination assignments. The oyabun also maintains a personal vendetta against the White Lotus triad.

As the most magically active of Denver’s criminal groups, the White Lotus and Golden Triangle Triads operate almost exclusively out of the Chinatown district in the CAS. From there they compete with the Yakuza for the BTL trade, and branch out into procuring illegal cyberware and other electronics. Persistent rumors suggest that the Triads have tight ties to the Wuxing enclave in CAS. The recent increase in low grade Wuxing cyberware on the streets of Chinatown seem to support these rumors.

The Koshari sect of the Kachina society are, appropriately, at their most powerful in the PCC. They maintain near exclusive control in smuggling CalHots into the UCAS and CAS. While these chips are perfectly legal in their home nation, they’re decidedly illegal in those destination countries. Unlike their competition, the Koshari seem comfortable playing the waiting game. They also seem to have the tightest ties to the government of their home sector.

Organized Crime

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